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[S1E11] Covert War

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In the increasingly heated arena of the Cold War, the moment things begin to get personal is the moment failure becomes a real prospect. But throughout the first season of The Americans, it seems all anyone can do is to take the escalation of the covert war home with them, internalize it and make their side of the conflict as much a part of themselves as it can possibly be.

That should have been the end of it, and yet there was no satisfaction in Gregory's demise; it was a hollow victory as much as it was a heartbreaking sacrifice. And the personal loss felt by Elizabeth was made worse as the Americans' escalation of the covert war managed to find its way into her life again with the assassination of General Zhukov.

Biff convinces Secretary of Commerce Juanita Kreps (Becky Ann Baker) to delay the trade bill, angering Tobias and the Colonel. Also frustrated by the trade bill hold-up is Katarina Löw (Megan Channell), a covert Nazi whose corporate presentation (fixated on "profit") is interrupted by news that there's been an accidental explosion in the basement bomb-making facility depicted in the prior episode.

Millie's official report about this entire affair is dismissed by her (sexist, racist) superiors. Shortly after, Jewish congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman (Zoé Winters) offers her the opportunity to lead her own covert task force designed to bring Nazis-in-hiding to justice. 59ce067264


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