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Latest news about cancer

In many countries of the world, cancer treatment does not involve a lot of radiation and chemotherapy. In these countries, also small dosages of chemo are sometimes used with other treatments. I.V. vitamin C, bioelectric instruments, laetrile, hypothermia, oxygen therapy, pancreatic enzymes, eliminating parasites, changing the acid/base balance, diet changes, nitric oxide supplements, and other treatments are all used with curing cancer.

Surgery does get rid of cancer, but it sometimes leaves many men with incontinence and some women with psychological problems which may produce problems later in their lives.

The CellSonic therapy machine is a new branch of medicine. It is now being used in many countries in the world for cancer treatment. 

Doctors using the VIPP therapy noninvasive machine are trained to treat the source of the disease, not the symptoms. The unique power of pressure and the electrical fields change the polarity of cancer cells and allow changes in bioelectrical pulses to cure cancer. People in the U.S. who would like to know about the locations and treatment can contact Andrew Dickens in Scottsdale, Arizona. His website is or call; 450-699-7400. Another way to find out more is to email

Proton Radiation Cancer Treatment

There are more than 50 proton radiation clinics throughout the United States, and over 150 throughout the world. The clinics mostly treat men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer. Men and women that have been treated with proton therapy have been satisfied with the treatment. The latest statistics show that about 98 percent of cancer proton therapy treatment has been successful. To reach a proton cancer clinic in your area, you can call 1-800-776-8667. Proton clinics can also be found on Google.

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