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Clean Sweep Ignatius: A Short Story by Jeffrey Archer

Clean Sweep Ignatius is a short story by Jeffrey Archer, one of the most popular and prolific writers of fiction in the world. The story was first published in 1989 as part of Archer's second collection of short stories, A Twist in the Tale. It was later released as a digital short in 2011 to celebrate the publication of Archer's seventh collection of short stories, Tell Tale.

The story is set in Nigeria and follows the exploits of Ignatius Agarbi, the newly appointed Minister of Finance, who is determined to end corruption and graft in public life. He earns the nickname "Clean Sweep Ignatius" for his relentless pursuit of justice and his impeccable integrity. He arrests and prosecutes several high-profile officials, including the Inspector General of Police, for accepting bribes and falsifying documents. He also scrutinizes and authorizes all foreign contracts worth over one hundred million dollars.

However, despite his efforts, Ignatius discovers that millions of dollars are still being lost each year in bribes paid to go-betweens by foreign companies. He suspects that someone close to him is involved in the scam, but he has no proof. He decides to set a trap for the culprit by pretending to be corrupt himself and accepting a bribe from a Swiss company that wants to build a dam in Nigeria. He arranges a meeting with the company's representative at his home and asks for a suitcase full of cash as a kickback.

What Ignatius does not know is that his trap has been anticipated by his enemies, who have planted a hidden camera and microphone in his study. They plan to expose him as a hypocrite and ruin his reputation. However, Ignatius has a surprise of his own for them. He reveals that he has been aware of their scheme all along and that he has set up a counter-trap for them. He shows them that the suitcase he received contains only newspapers and that he has recorded their conversation on tape. He then arrests them for attempted bribery and blackmail.

The story ends with Ignatius being hailed as a hero by the public and the press, who praise him for his courage and honesty. He also receives a personal commendation from General Otobi, the Head of State, who tells him that he is proud to have him as his Minister of Finance.

Clean Sweep Ignatius is an entertaining and suspenseful story that showcases Archer's skill as a storyteller. It also explores themes such as corruption, justice, loyalty, and betrayal. The story can be read online or downloaded as a PDF file from various sources[^1^] [^2^].

The author of Clean Sweep Ignatius, Jeffrey Archer, is a remarkable figure who has led a life full of drama, controversy, and success. He was born in London in 1940 and grew up in Somerset. He studied at Oxford University, where he excelled in athletics and became the president of the University Athletics Club. He later represented Great Britain as a sprinter in international competitions.

Archer began his political career as a member of Parliament for Louth (Lincolnshire) in 1969. He was a rising star in the Conservative Party, but he had to resign his seat in 1974 after a financial scandal that left him bankrupt. He turned to writing as a way of paying off his debts and published his first novel, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, in 1976. The book was an instant hit and launched his career as a bestselling author.

Archer continued to be involved in politics and became the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in 1985. However, he had to resign again in 1986 after a newspaper accused him of paying money to a prostitute. He sued the newspaper for libel and won a large settlement in 1987. However, it later emerged that he had lied during the trial and that he had asked a friend to provide him with an alibi. He was charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice and sentenced to four years in prison in 2001.

Archer spent two years in jail, during which he wrote a serie


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