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UGS NX Drafting Tutorial UPD

This is what you need to do. In drafting first go to the Annotation toolbar and click on Offset center point symbol. Here you can play with the positon of the center point of the arc. In the offset center point symbol window in the offset option select Vertical Distance from from arc. Choose a distance and select the arc you want to dimension and click OK / Apply. This will create a new center point. You can see this by the + mark on your screen. Now go to dimension toolbar and select Folded Radius Dimension. Select the arc you want to dimension and select the new center point (+) now click in a space between the arc and the new center point.

UGS NX Drafting Tutorial

In the Offset Center Point Symbol window in the Offset option you can choose in which direction you want to manipulate the center of the arc. For this tutorial I choose the Vertical Distance from arc. In the Distance box type in the distance that you want.

Exploded Views in NX can be a very effective way to portray the (disassembled) assembly. In this NX tutorial, I will start from the drafting environment with the assembly already placed in the drawing workspace.

While viewing the drawing in the drafting environment, turn off Display Sheet (Menu > View > Display Sheet). It may be easier to activate the Display Sheet toggle by adding it to your ribbon bar. This can be done by searching for it in the command finder.

Answer :The idea of virtual assembly taken to its logical conclusion leads to Master Model paradigm. In this concept a master model of the component is designed and the same is referred by those in assembly, drafting, analysis and manufacturing department of the particular company.

Solid Edge is ideal for anyone in the mechanical engineering or electrical engineering fields requiring software that offers 3D design and printing, assembling parts, surface and part modeling, simulation, 2D drafting, reporting, and technical documentation, and cloud-based collaboration.

NX is ideal for anyone who needs to draft 2D drawings or model 3D parts for an assembly. Importantly, the modeling environment is better than the drafting environment, but it still provides features and functionalities that make it stand out in both applications.

If you are looking for basic functionalities such as drafting and less advanced modeling capabilities, Solid Edge is ideal. However, if you are looking for a software program that goes beyond this and offers functionalities that combine CAD, CAM, or CAE, NX is your best bet. It is also easier to learn, but, at the same time, it is also expensive. 041b061a72


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