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[S1E6] Milk Bath \/\/TOP\\\\

As Lisa soaks in the milk bath, Boro reveals her background. (This is where Brand New Cherry Flavor gets a little crazy). Boro reveals that 900 years ago, she was a man, and he encountered a spirit living in an animal body which led to him and the white jaguar f*cking. One day, after hearing an army is heading towards him, the white jaguar taught him a ritual that gave him the ability to sense where his enemies were. As a result, he was able to set a trap and slaughter all of his enemies.

[S1E6] Milk Bath

Ben works with Derrick again, using successive approximation in the Harmon's bathroom. Derrick tries the "pig call", and a bloody Gladys appears in the tub, believing she is meant, since she is overweight. Vivien gets an amniocentesis.

Violet comes home and catches a glimpse of Tate. Following him to the basement, she encounters the ghosts of Troy and Bryan, Gladys, Fiona, Dallas, and Charles Montgomery. Terrified, she runs upstairs to her room and finds that Tate has put her iPod on for her and written "I LOVE YOU" on her chalkboard. Scared and confused about her feelings, Violet attempts to commit suicide by overdosing on the sleeping pills Leah gave her. Tate finds her and drags her to the bath tub, trying to revive her whilst crying, successfully making her throw up some pills.

Derrick calls the Piggy Man in his own bathroom, and ironically dies when an overweight robber hiding behind the shower curtain believes that Derrick is aware of his presence and shoots him in the head.

According to Sands and fellow cast mates Laura Regan (Agatha) and Nick Zano (Arthur), the musical interlude came about during their hours and hours submerged on the milk bath set. Interesting tidbit, the water was so warm during filming that it was more like a hot tub, causing Regan to basically perform a full Pilates teaser between takes to cool off!

EP124 - Driving: When Bluey is getting the almond milk, behind the wall. It is wearing a pink hat and star glasses like Agatha. Also, when she is going back to the car, there is a dark green dog with a Horn Helmet on the block house beside Agatha, like the one from the episode Bad Mood. The Magnet dog can also be seen on the fridge door. 041b061a72


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