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The FAT boot record is a single 512-byte sector that uses a Boot Record File System protocol. It is normally located in the first sector of the disk, immediately after the partition table, and has the format shown below. Each drive is formatted with a different signature value so that the boot record of a particular disk drive can be easily identified. At this time, only the first few bytes of the FAT boot record contain machine code. On most hard disks, the first 512 bytes of the boot record contain zero bytes that are filled with random data after the program load is complete. For floppy disks, the machine code is removed from the boot record and is placed in the floppy-specific boot sector.

The FAT file system is a file system used on MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, and Microsoft Windows ME operating systems. It is used to store files on MS-DOS and Windows disks, as well as CD-ROMs and floppy disks. FAT is also used to save battery power in portable computers and personal digital assistants, by allowing files to be moved to and from a hard disk without the user having to restart the computer every time, although it also consumes more power than other file systems.[1]

Internally, the FAT file system has two parts: the boot record and the data sector. The boot record contains the machine code needed to load the operating system, the root directory and the FAT table. The FAT table contains the information needed to perform file accesses, and is also used to store data such as the volume's size and the last written position on the drive. The data sector is used to store files and the boot sector.

I am running a PC with Windows 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. I am wondering how to end the trial period and convert to a full copy of Photoshop CS6. I tried closing down Photoshop, which produced a message telling me to return the disk. I did that, but the same message returned. How can I end this?

Hi Dave,I was able to get my English Indesign CS6 to switch to German. But there is one Problem. The moment I startet Indesign there is the error message that my trial version ends soon altough I bougt a regular Version with correct serial number by an adobe seller. Can anybody help me? 827ec27edc


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