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ENERCALC Structural Engineer Library Crack

ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library

ENERCALC is a software company that provides a comprehensive and versatile toolkit for structural engineering design and analysis. The Structural Engineering Library (SEL) is their flagship product, which consists of more than 40 modules that cover all common design tasks in steel, concrete, masonry, timber, and other materials. The SEL also allows the user to create project engineering calculations that include non-ENERCALC items such as Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, and general project information.


The latest version of the SEL is, which was released in 2018. This version includes several enhancements and bug fixes, such as:

  • Improved user interface and graphics

  • Updated design codes and standards

  • New modules for retaining walls, foundations, shear walls, and wind loads

  • Enhanced cloud platform and project file storage

  • Integrated technical support and online help

The SEL can be used in two ways: by installing it on the user's computer or by accessing it via the ENERCALC Cloud. The cloud platform allows the user to run the software on any device with an internet connection, without having to install or update anything. The cloud platform also provides a secure project file storage area at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where the user can store and share their project files with other users or devices.

The pricing for the SEL is based on an annual subscription model. The subscription fee is $129 per month (paid annually) for a 2-seat license, which means that two users can access the software at the same time, either on their own computers or on the cloud platform. Additional seats are $87 per month (paid annually). The subscription includes all updates and technical support while it is active. The user can cancel the subscription at any time, but the usage will end when the subscription expires.

The SEL is a powerful and flexible software package that can help structural engineers with their design and analysis needs. It offers a wide range of capabilities and features that can handle various types of structures and materials. It also provides a convenient and secure way to access and manage project files on the cloud platform. The SEL is a valuable tool for any structural engineer who wants to improve their productivity and efficiency.


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