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MecSoft Corporation VisualMILL Incl VisualCAD 2012 V2.0.53-Lz0 ((BETTER))

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MecSoft Corporation Releases VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0

MecSoft Corporation, a leading developer of CAD/CAM software solutions, has announced the release of VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0, a powerful and affordable CAM software package for CNC machining.

VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 is one of five modules in MecSoft's standalone CAD/CAM suite, VisualCAD/CAM. It offers 2-1/2, 3, 4 and 5 axis machining functionality for mold, die, tooling, wood working, rapid-prototyping and general machining applications.

Some of the new features and enhancements in VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 include:

Improved user interface with ribbon bars and dockable windows

Enhanced geometry creation and editing tools

New toolpath strategies such as engraving, chamfering and thread milling

Improved toolpath simulation and verification

Support for post-processing and G-code generation for multiple CNC controllers

Integration with MecSoft's cloud-based CAM service, CAMJam

"We are very excited to release this new version of VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012," said Joe Anand, President and CEO of MecSoft Corporation. "This release demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with easy to use, powerful and affordable CAD/CAM software solutions that can meet their diverse CNC machining needs."

VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 is available for download from MecSoft's website[^1^] [^2^]. Users can also request a free trial or a live demo from the website.

VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. It requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM, 300 MB disk space and an OpenGL graphics card. The software can be installed on multiple computers with a single license key.

MecSoft Corporation is a global leader in providing cost-effective, high-quality CAD/CAM software solutions for the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1997, MecSoft has over 15,000 customers worldwide and has received numerous awards and recognitions for its products and services. MecSoft's products include RhinoCAM, VisualCAD/CAM, AlibreCAM, FreeMILL and CAMJam.

For more information about MecSoft Corporation and its products, please visit their website or contact them at:

MecSoft Corporation

18019 Sky Park Circle

Suite KL

Irvine, CA 92614


Phone: (949) 654-8163

Fax: (949) 654-8164


VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 is designed to be easy to use and learn for both beginners and experienced users. The software comes with a comprehensive online help system, tutorials, videos and sample files to help users get started quickly. Users can also access MecSoft's online support forum, knowledge base and technical support team for any questions or issues they may encounter.

VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 is a versatile and powerful CAM software package that can handle a wide range of CNC machining applications. Whether it is 2D contouring, 3D roughing, finishing, drilling, tapping or 4th and 5th axis indexing, VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 can generate efficient and accurate toolpaths for any CNC machine. Users can also customize and optimize their toolpaths using various parameters and options such as cut direction, stepover, feed rate, spindle speed, tool change, clearance plane and more.

VisualMILL incl VisualCAD 2012 v2.0.53-Lz0 is not only a CAM software package but also a CAD software package that allows users to create and edit their own geometry models. Users can import and export various file formats such as IGES, STEP, STL, DXF, DWG and more. Users can also use the built-in geometry creation and editing tools such as curves, surfaces, solids, fillets, chamfers, offsets, booleans and more. Users can also modify their geometry using various transformation tools such as move, rotate, scale, mirror and more. aa16f39245


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