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Prairie Cucumber Vodka Where To Buy ((BETTER))

The back label tells us that this cucumber flavoured vodka was bottled in accordance with organic standards. We are even given an ingredient list: water, vodka (Prairie Organic Vodka), sugar, natural flavour and salt.

prairie cucumber vodka where to buy

The light sweetness of the spirit allows it to have a much longer finish than we would expect. Cucumber is of course the star with both the lightly bitter peel and the crisp flavour of the white flesh shining brightly. I should note that although I taste a light bitterness of cucumber peel in the exit, the underlying vodka does not seem to carry any undesirable metallic flavours even at room temperature. This speaks to a quality vodka at the heart of the flavoured spirit.

Using organic corn vodka as a base (which is made from single-sourced corn on family-run farms in Minnesota), Prairie Organic then adds English cucumbers to create a spirit that smells and tastes as if biting into a fresh cucumber from the garden. The earthy, vegetal flavors go well with many others, so we thought: What all could we do with it? 041b061a72


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