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What is the Asian Handicap? Share tips on how to win Asian Handicap bets easily

What is the Asian Handicap? Is it easier to win with Asian Handicap bets than with over bets? In this article, Football will provide you with useful information on how to accurately and easily win with under bets. Check out hot football tips today for more insights.

What is the Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap is perhaps a question for many football betting enthusiasts. Simply put, it is the handicap odds between two teams in actual matches. While the over bet is often applied to strong teams with stable performance, the under bet is applied to weaker teams.

You just need to assess the teams' playing form. See if there are any standout players in the starting lineup to make a decision on whether to bet on over or under.

What are the different types of Asian Handicap bets?

Once you have a clear understanding of what the under bet is as mentioned above, you need to pay attention to which team is placed on the under or over bet. While searching for odds is essential, selecting the handicap odds when placing a bet requires the most attention. In football betting, customers need to pay attention to some handicap bets such as:

Half goal handicap

This is the odds that most of us who bet on football prefer for the form of betting under or over. This service format is not too difficult to understand. Participants in football betting choose over bets will give a handicap to the team by half a goal.

If the final result is a draw between the two teams, it means that those who bet on the over will lose. Because when betting with a half goal handicap, the under team will naturally be given a 0.5-point advantage. However, with this bet, the winner only receives half of the payout.

Quarter goal handicap

In this bet, the difference from the half goal handicap is that when the match ends in a tie, the underdog team wins half of the wagered money. Unlike the half goal handicap, the payout amount won't be high. However, the safety of this bet is higher, and the likelihood of winning is also higher.

Three-quarters goal handicap

With this type of bet, the underdog will win back the entire wagered amount only if the team the player bet on wins by at least 2 goals. Therefore, players should bet on teams with stable form.

If the final result is a draw between both teams, those who bet on the over will lose their entire wager. They will receive half of the wagered amount if the over bet wins by one goal.

One goal handicap

With a one-goal handicap, players betting on the over must win by at least two goals to win back their entire wager. The underdog team will still win if the result between the two teams is a draw or if they win by one goal.

Should you bet on the over or under in Asian Handicap betting?

Based on the experience shared by many long-time experts in the field of online betting, they often advise choosing the underdog team. This is because after the handicap odds are determined, those who choose the underdog team have a higher chance of winning compared to those who choose the favorite team.

On the other hand, football matches yield different outcomes that cannot be predicted. Teams initially perceived as strong may not necessarily emerge victorious in the end.

Therefore, it is said that those who bet on the underdog have a higher chance of success. However, anything can happen.

Players cannot always predict whether their win prediction will be accurate or not. Players need to assess the form, playing style, players, etc., of both teams to make the most sensible choice for themselves.

For safe and successful betting, customers should also choose a reputable and high-quality bookmaker for themselves.

What are the considerations when choosing to bet on the Asian Handicap?

Here are some notes to consider when choosing to place bets on a betting platform. These are factors you can survey and take note of to accurately choose a reliable betting site:

  • Speed of access: Whether the site is slow or fast to load.

  • Number of users: How many people are participating on the site, and what is the feedback from previous players?

  • Deposit and withdrawal time: Is the process of depositing and withdrawing money from the site quick and convenient for players?

  • User interface: The site's interface should be visually appealing, user-friendly, comfortable, and easy to navigate. Content should be logically organized with clear layouts.

  • Data security: Your information should be kept secure and not disclosed or sold to third parties.

Above are the insights from Football regarding what the under bet is and its various types. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you. Visit now to place under bets today for more exciting football matches. At the same time, seize the opportunity to win some bonuses for yourself.


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