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Zero G Nostalgia Serial Number ((NEW))

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since i first saw this, one of the things that struck me was how these old machines looked; they were really stylish, and still are! they look great in any modern setting, particularly when you combine this with the high quality of the samples, and you have a timeless and stylish package that will be loved for a long time. nostalgia also offers a very large variety of sounds, which will appeal to a wide range of producers.. theres everything from big brass sounds, to the lightest of drums, and everything in between. the sounds are of a very high quality, and the option to download more sounds at a later date means you can build up a huge library, and experiment with different styles at will, so this is a massive help for those who are at the early stages of their production career. if youre a producer looking for a new retro sound that isnt dated, then this is a must buy!

the song is quite good; the first thing i noticed was the huge variety of sounds and styles; there are a huge number of samples, and they come in a wide range of styles; from big brass sounds, to the lightest of drums, to the softest of pads, there is everything in between.. i was quite impressed with the variety of sounds and styles. the only downside is that the track doesnt really stand out from other tracks of its type. its not something thats going to make you feel a million dollars, but that doesnt mean its bad. i will say that its not the best track on the album; i would have liked to have seen some more vocal samples. theres a few samples on here that you can hear; but there arent enough to really make the track stand out. i also think it would have been nice if theres was a little bit more of a structure to the song; theres a few different styles but no sense of unity. if you get the free download of the song, youll see what i mean. its a pretty good track, but youll need to be a little patient with it. theres a few things to work out. 3d9ccd7d82


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