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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and the hill upon which the Massachusetts State House resides. The term "Beacon Hill" is used locally as a metonym to refer to the state government or the legislature itself, much like Washington, D.C.'s Capitol Hill does at the federal level.

beacon hill

Like many similarly named areas, the neighborhood is named for the location of a former beacon atop the highest point in central Boston. The beacon was used to warn the residents of an invasion.[4][5][nb 1]

Located in the center of the Shawmut Peninsula, the area originally had three hills, Beacon Hill and two others nearby;[5][7] Pemberton Hill and Mount Vernon, which were leveled for Beacon Hill development.[7][11] The name trimount later morphed into "Tremont", as in Tremont Street.[8] Between 1807 and 1832 Beacon Hill was reduced from 138 feet in elevation to 80 feet. The shoreline and bodies of water such as the Mill Pond had a "massive filling", increasing Boston's land mass by 150%.[7] Charles Street was one of the new roads created from the project.[12]

The first European settler was William Blaxton, also spelled Blackstone. In 1625 he built a house and orchard on Beacon Hill's south slope, roughly at the location of Beacon and Spruce street. The settlement was a "preformal arrangement". In 1630 Boston was settled by the Massachusetts Bay Company.[6][19] The southwestern slope was used by the city for military drills and livestock grazing. In 1634 a signal beacon was established on the top of the hill.[11][19] Sailors and British soldiers visited the north slope of Beacon Hill during the 17th and 18th centuries. As a result, it became an "undesirable" area for Boston residents.[6] "Fringe activities" occurred on "Mount Whoredom", the backslope of Beacon Hill.[20][nb 2]

The Mount Vernon Proprietors group was formed to develop the trimount area,[6][7] The name trimount later morphed into "Tremont", as in Tremont Street.[8] when by 1780 the city's neighborhoods could no longer meet the needs of the growing number of residents.[11][nb 4] Eighteen and a half[22] or 19 acres of grassland west of the State House was purchased in 1795, most of it from John Singleton Copley. The Beacon Hill district's development began when Charles Bulfinch, an architect and planner, laid out the plan for the neighborhood. Four years later the hills were leveled, Mount Vernon Street was laid, and mansions were built along it. One of the first homes was the Harrison Gray Otis House on Cambridge Street.[11][22]

Directions from E. I-90: Take the N. Argonne exit and travel about 2 miles to Columbia Drive. Take a left on Columbia Drive and travel through a residential neighborhood for about 1.7 miles until Theirman Road. Take a left on Theirman Road which turns into Valley Springs Road in .1 miles. Follow Valley Springs road for about 1.7 miles until you crest the hill to overlook Spokane. Beacon Hill will be off to your left just ahead.

A 19th century residential area adjacent to Boston Common, Beacon Hill is named for the location of a beacon that once stood here atop the highest point in central Boston. Stroll this charming half-square-mile neighborhood, now topped by the gleaming gold dome of the State House, to discover elegant town houses, narrow brick streets with working gas lamps, local boutiques, and popular restaurants.

Beacon Hill Apartments, located in Northwest Omaha, offer beautifully designed, cat friendly, studio, one, and two bedroom apartment homes. Tri-level floor plans, a garage and community laundry facilities add to the overall comfort of your home. The lovely brick-faced fireplace accentuates the elegance of these homes, while inviting cozy conversation during chilly evenings. The kitchen's design allows flexibility in cooking and entertaining with a microwave and dishwasher for easy clean up, allowing you to spend more time with your guests. Take a dip in the swimming pool or join friends at the clubhouse. End your day watching the sunset from your balcony or patio.

From Mass General Hospital follow Cambridge Street, East, passing Charles River Plaza on the left, a fire station on the right. Continue up the hill seeing Target on the right and you will arrive at 100 Cambridge St.on the right. Parking is available at the next set of lights by taking a right onto Sommerset St. Take the first right into the parking garage.When entering in our address to any GPS, take care to make sure the address is in Boston and not Cambridge. Most GPS systems will pull up 100 Cambridge Street Suite 104 in Cambridge MA not 100 Cambridge Street Suite 104, Boston MA.

From Charles Street, head up the hill on Mount Vernon or Pickney Street, and within two blocks you'll come to Louisburg Square, the city's only remaining private park. You can't go in, but look for the statue for Christopher Columbus at one end.

Once a synagogue built by Jewish immigrants from Lithuania in 1919 in one of the then-poorest areas on the North Slope of Beacon Hill, Vilna Shul (18 Phillips Street) is Boston's Center for Jewish Culture, offering a range of concerts, speakers, exhibits, social groups, and High Holiday and other services. 041b061a72


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