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Underdog: A Superhero Comedy Film with a Talking Beagle

Underdog: A Superhero Comedy Film with a Talking Beagle

Underdog is a 2007 American superhero comedy film based on the 1960s animated television series of the same name, which in turn is a spoof on the Superman character. The film stars Peter Dinklage as Dr. Simon Barsinister, a mad scientist who experiments on a beagle named Shoeshine, voiced by Jason Lee. Shoeshine gains superpowers and the ability to speak, and becomes Underdog, a superhero who protects Capitol City from Barsinister's evil schemes. Amy Adams voices Polly Purebread, Underdog's love interest, and Jim Belushi plays Dan Unger, Shoeshine's owner.

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The film was released on August 3, 2007 by Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment. It received mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticized the plot, humor, and special effects. However, some praised the performances of Dinklage and Lee, and the film's appeal to younger audiences. The film grossed $65.3 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.

If you are interested in watching Underdog online, you can rent or buy it from Prime Video[^5^]. You can also watch the trailer on YouTube[^6^]. For more information about the film, you can visit its IMDb page[^5^] or Wikipedia page[^7^].Shoeshine is amazed at his own speech and confirms for Jack that he can talk. After swearing Jack to secrecy, Shoeshine tells him of his origins. Meanwhile, Barsinister and Cad find a new lair beneath the city, then plan a robbery to fund rebuilding the serum. Seeing Cad's heist on the news, Jack convinces Shoeshine to intervene. Shoeshine disguises himself as a superhero named Underdog and confronts Cad and his henchmen. Underdog saves the hostages and apprehends Cad, who identifies Barsinister as his boss. Barsinister and Cad escape, but Underdog is hailed as a hero by the citizens and the police.

Underdog develops a crush on Molly, a spaniel who lives next door to Dan and Jack. Molly's owner is Polly Purebred, a TV reporter who has a crush on Shoeshine's alter ego. Underdog agrees to be interviewed by Polly, but gets distracted by a bank robbery and leaves her alone. Polly becomes suspicious of Shoeshine's behavior and tracks him down when he is about to stop another robbery with his superpowers. Polly confronts Shoeshine for lying to her and walks away in anger.

Underdog is depressed by Polly's rejection, but Jack convinces him that he can still win her back if he shows her who he really is. Meanwhile, Barsinister successfully recreates his serum and decides to inject it into other dogs along with a mind-control chip that will make them obey his commands. He sends Cad to kidnap Molly as a test subject, but Underdog rescues her and exposes Barsinister's plan to the public.

Underdog leads the police to Barsinister's lair, but is overwhelmed by his army of superpowered dogs. Barsinister captures Underdog and injects him with a reversal serum that strips him of his powers. He then orders Cad to attach a bomb collar to Underdog and activate it. Underdog, Polly, Molly, and the other dogs escape from the lair before it explodes.

As the timer on the collar counts down, Underdog admits that he is Shoeshine and apologizes to Polly for lying to her. Polly forgives him and kisses him on the nose. Underdog then regains his powers and manages to remove the collar before it detonates. He reunites with Dan and Jack, who have learned of his secret identity.

Underdog then tracks down Barsinister and Cad, who have survived the explosion and are fleeing in a helicopter. He knocks out Cad and confronts Barsinister on top of the helicopter. Barsinister threatens to inject Underdog with more reversal serum, but Underdog uses his super breath to blow him away. Underdog then returns the helicopter to the ground safely.

Barsinister and Cad are arrested by the police while Underdog is praised as a hero again. He decides to continue protecting Capitol City as Underdog while living with Dan and Jack as Shoeshine. He also becomes Molly's boyfriend and Polly's best friend.

The film ends with Underdog flying in the sky with his signature catchphrase: \"There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!\"


Underdog received mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticized the plot, humor, and special effects. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 16% based on 86 reviews, with an average rating of 4/10. The site's critical consensus reads: \"Underdog is a mostly forgettable adaptation that relies far too heavily on recycled material and sloppy production.\"[^1^] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 37 out of 100 based on 23 critics, indicating \"generally unfavorable reviews\".[^3^]

However, some critics praised the performances of Dinklage and Lee, and the film's appeal to younger audiences. Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars, calling it \"a lot more fun than I was expecting\". Richard Roeper also gave it a positive review, saying that \"it's cute enough for kids\". A.O. Scott of The New York Times wrote that \"the movie is not especially witty or inventive or well designed -- but it does have an appealing modesty\".

The film grossed $65 e0e6b7cb5c


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