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Wkejth Amillerm

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This example demonstrates how to export SpreadJS's data to a CSV file. It includes a button that exports all the data in a spreadsheet to a CSV file. A checkbox allows you to save the data only if it is a complete spreadsheet.

The following example demonstrates how to get the current file path and save it in a cookie. It creates a SpreadJS object and then queries the SpreadJS API to get the file path from the last time the application was loaded.

In a spreadsheet, use the interactive slicer control to select a slice of your data. SpreadJS provides a slicer that can be used in two ways. With the standard approach, you can use a button that provides a dropdown control of values. You can also use a widget. This example uses both approaches.

The Drop on event occurs when the user drops a line or fills area on a chart. The event accepts three arguments: x: the data point on the chart that was dropped on y: the data point on the chart that was dropped on rowIndex: the row in the Spread table that was dropped on

Spread Lite is an update to SpreadJS that offers the same features as the full Spread product, but is more lightweight. It also offers additional parameter support for both events and the Draw object.

A SpreadJS DataTable contains a RowIndex property that identifies rows in a DataTable. You can use the RowIndex to control how a chart is updated. This example, in combination with a List handler (from the SpreadLib example), shows how to clear a List handler when the RowIndex is changed: 3d9ccd7d82


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