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Impact Wrestling: Over Drive 2022

During the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound for Glory, Taylor Wilde made her return to Impact Wrestling, but was eliminated from the match by Matt Cardona. Following Wilde's victory over Mia Yim on the October 20, 2022 episode of iMPACT!, Mickie James, who was taking part in her "Last Rodeo", a stipulation where if she lost a match, she would retire, confronted Wilde. James would welcome Wilde back before the two were attacked by Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo, and Gisele Shaw. However, Jordynne Grace would come to the aid of James and Wilde. The following week, James, Wilde, and Grace would defeat Green, Purrazzo, and Shaw in a Six Woman Tag Team Match. On the November 10 episode of iMPACT!, James defeated Green. Later that night, it was announced that James would face Wilde at Over Drive.

Impact Wrestling: Over Drive 2022


At Bound for Glory, Bully Ray won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match, allowing him to challenge for a championship of his choosing at any time. Following Impact World Champion Josh Alexander's victory over Eddie Edwards later in the night, Alexander was attacked by Honor No More. Rather than cashing in, Ray helped fend off Honor No More. On the October 13, 2022 episode of iMPACT!, Ray explained he wanted to renew his legacy by not stabbing Alexander in the back. However, Moose would question Ray's motives. The following week, Ace Austin was scheduled to partner with Chris Bey to face Ray and Tommy Dreamer, but was attacked in the parking lot. The next week, Ray would insist he had not attacked Austin, however, Moose, along with Austin and Bey, continued to accuse him. On November 4, it was announced that Ray and Moose would face off at Over Drive. Following Ray's victory over Zicky Dice on the November 10 episode of iMPACT!, Moose attacked Ray before spearing him through a table. As a result, their match was altered to a Tables Match.

Bully looked like he was going to hit Josh with the chair yet again, but instead he grabbed Jen and pulled her over the ringside barrier and to the ringside floor. As Josh screamed at him, Bully threatened to Piledrive Jen on the concrete floor unless and until Josh handed him his title bet. Josh had no choice but to relent and he gave Bully the belt. Bully then menaced them some more before walking away to the boos of the crowd. 041b061a72


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