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Facebook Game Account

If you ever played games on Facebook, you probably ran into an issue of resetting your progress and starting a new game. Since most games are only hosted on Facebook and have their own developers that keep your game data, this process is not as straightforward as it should be.

facebook game account

Almost every online game today has an option to delete game data and start over in the game settings. However, Facebook games are a little different. Most games will only show you gameplay settings like sound and animation on/off, or an option to buy extra resources for playing.

A simple solution here is to use a different Facebook account to play the game from the beginning. You can even create a separate Facebook account dedicated to gaming. To restart your game, add it in your new Facebook account and start playing.

To turn off Facebook game notifications completely, in Apps and websites scroll down till you see Preferences. On the right side, find Game and App Notifications, click Edit and then Turn Off. That should help you hide your Facebook activity when playing games.

I used a facebook account to sign in a game on my iphone ( the game is "top eleven"). Now I want to change the account and use another one because I have more friends in 2nd account.Already used 2nd account's username and password in setting but didn't work, even deleted facebook app and installed it again and signed in with 2nd one but when I open the game it runs with 1st can I solve this problem ?thanks

You need to change the Facebook login in the app itself. There should be Settings somewhere within the game, and the option to "Log Out" of Facebook. Once you have logged out, you will need to link it to your 2nd Facebook account by logging into it - again - within the app itself.

There are two types of Applications/Games: one that is added to your account, and one that is not added to your account. The current Facebook interface consists of a panel at the right side of your wall. This panel consists of Groups, Apps, Events, Favorites, Friends, Interests, Pages, etc. The entire panel consists of only those Apps, Pages, Friends etc. that are added to your account. These applications and games are the ones that you can remove.

Some third-party apps or services, like social media, music streaming, and online shopping, let you link your Google Account to improve your experience. When you link your Google Account with a third-party account, the third party may send info to Google. The third party may tell you what kind of info they share with Google.

That said, some Facebook account restrictions do exist. However, the tools can be hard to decipher. Implementing some of them may limit what you can do with Facebook; and may limit how you even log into other sites. But it's a start. Because short of deleting your Facebook account, limiting access to your info as much as you can is a must for some peace of mind.

When you do remove an app or website you'd logged into via Facebook, you'll get a warning like this. Doing so may delete your account at the third-party site, and/or any and all activity on the site, even if the account stays intact. You can click an extra box to also kill off any posts, videos, or photos the apps/site posted on Facebook for you.

If you do this, Facebook will no longer connect to any third-party apps or sites with your Facebook credentials. You won't be able to log into websites or games using Facebook, share with friends between apps, or do any kind of instant personalization. You'll also get kicked out of any apps you've logged into using Facebook.

Turning off Game and App Notifications means you'll never see another request from friends to join their annoying games. It doesn't really spare you any shared info, but may save some friendships.

Oculus are making Facebook accounts mandatory for their new VR headsets and ending support for Oculus accounts on January 1st, 2023. It's a decision which Katharine rightly says sucks. Worse yet, because your Oculus headset and Facebook account will be inextricably tied, it turns out your Oculus purchases will be deleted if you ever choose to delete your Facebook account. It makes sense, in a bleak way, and definitely also sucks.

Deactivating your account does not need to be permanent, Facebook say, but it will keep you from accessing your Oculus products and account. "Your profile will be disabled and your name and photos will be removed from most things you've shared. You will also not be able to access Oculus Products or your Oculus information. You'll be able to continue using Messenger," reads the warning on the deactivation page. What's worse is the warning about deleting your account.

"Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information. This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose any existing store credits."

There's the obvious issue of wanting to remove yourself from Facebook's social media platform without losing access to products you've bought, but there are bound to be even worse edge cases. I'm reminded of the Fallout 76 players whose Facebook accounts were banned earlier this month when their Free States Militia roleplaying group was mistakenly believed to be an actual violent militia. Then there's the Oculus Quest 2 users who've gotten locked out of their headsets in several scenarios. It seems like even if you don't make the conscious choice to delete your Facebook account, having your Oculus headset require one could still cause some serious issues.

With so many devices and so many social media accounts, it can be hard to remember where you're logged in to which accounts. To protect yourself from potential hacks, it's a good idea to log out of social media sites like Facebook once you're done with your session, especially if you're using someone else's device.

Meta has announced you will no longer be required to have a Facebook account to log into the Quest headset starting next month. However, you may have to create a new Meta account if you want to play any VR games.

You will also be given the option to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Meta account if you so wish. Connecting the two accounts in the same Accounts Center as your Meta account will unlock connected experiences in VR, such as playing VR games with your Instagram followers. However, if you previously merged your Facebook account with your Oculus account, you can remove your Facebook account while you set up your new Meta account.


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