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Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 'LINK'

Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 is not just a poker timer, its a complete poker tournament manager solution. It has a lot of features and customization options that will make your poker games more enjoyable and professional.

poker tournament supervisor 2 14


What can Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 do for you?

Here are some of the main benefits of using Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 for your poker tournaments:

  • Database: You can create detailed profiles for all your players, with their contact information, photo, notes, and statistics. You can also import and export your player data to other formats.

  • Customization: You can design your own timer screen with the skin designer, choosing what information to display, the style, color, position, and background image. You can also create your own chip set with the chip designer, selecting the design, colors, and inlay picture.

  • Structure templates: You can save time by using predefined structure templates for your tournaments, or create your own ones. You can adjust the blind schedule, payout, buy-in, rebuy, add-on, and other parameters.

  • Table management: You can easily manage your tables with different modes: automatic, manual, or semi-automatic. You can move players, break tables, balance tables, and assign seats with a few clicks.

  • Statistics: You can track the performance of your players and tournaments with useful stats and graphs. You can see the ranking, chips evolution, prizes distribution, and more.

  • Email: You can send emails to your players before or after the tournament, with personalized messages and attachments.

  • Dual monitor: You can use two monitors to display different information on each one: one for the timer screen and one for the management screen.

How to get Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14?

Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 is available for Windows OS. You can download it from the official website or from other sources. The software has a free 20-day trial version that you can use to test its features. The full version costs 7.90 for a single license or 19.90 for an unlimited license.


Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 is a great tool for anyone who loves poker and wants to organize their own tournaments. It has everything you need to make your games more fun and professional. You can customize your timer screen, manage your tables, track your stats, email your players, and more. Try it now and see for yourself why Poker Tournament Supervisor 2 14 is the best poker timer out there. c481cea774


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