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Amped FIVE: A Powerful Tool for Forensic Image and Video Enhancement


Amped FIVE: A Powerful Tool for Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

Forensic image and video analysis is a challenging and complex task that requires specialized software and expertise. Images and videos can be crucial evidence in criminal investigations, but they often come from low-quality sources, such as CCTV cameras, dash cams, body worn cameras, or mobile phones. They may also be corrupted, tampered with, or in proprietary formats that are difficult to play or convert.

Amped FIVE is a software solution designed specifically for forensic image and video enhancement. It is used by law enforcement, military, government, and security organizations worldwide to analyze and process digital multimedia evidence. Amped FIVE can handle any type of image and video data, from any source, with more than 140 filters and tools to perform tasks such as:


  • Conversion of hundreds of proprietary video formats into standard formats

  • Restoration and enhancement of license plates, faces, objects, and details

  • Stabilization of shaky videos

  • Correction of blur, noise, lighting, and optical distortion issues

  • Super resolution and aspect ratio correction

  • Redaction and spotlight of sensitive information

  • Photogrammetry and perspective correction

  • Alignment and comparison of multiple frames

  • Creation of video presentations with annotations

  • Generation of detailed scientific reports with all the processing steps and settings

Amped FIVE is based on a logical and nondestructive workflow that ensures accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of the results. It also uses scientifically validated algorithms that are transparent and documented, to guarantee the reliability and admissibility of the digital evidence in court.

Amped FIVE is not only a powerful tool for forensic image and video enhancement, but also a user-friendly and intuitive software that can be learned quickly and easily. Amped Software offers online and on-site training courses for users of all levels, as well as technical support and regular updates.

If you are interested in learning more about Amped FIVE or requesting a free trial, visit



Amped FIVE is not only a powerful tool for forensic image and video enhancement, but also a proven solution for solving real-world cases. Amped Software provides several case examples on its website, showing how Amped FIVE can help forensic experts and investigators with different scenarios and challenges. Some of these case examples are:

  • Converting a CCTV video and deblurring a license plate: Amped FIVE was used to convert a proprietary video format, apply motion deblur and frame average filters, and crop and resize the license plate of a hit-and-run vehicle.

  • Analyzing a mobile phone video to identify an object: Amped FIVE was used to apply local stabilization, spotlighting, range selector, contrast adjustment, and smart resize filters to highlight and identify an object used as a weapon in an assault.

  • Undistorting CCTV video and measuring the height of a suspect: Amped FIVE was used to apply undistort, measure 3D, and perspective alignment filters to correct the distortion caused by the camera lens and estimate the height of a suspect involved in a theft.

These case examples demonstrate how Amped FIVE can assist forensic experts and investigators in obtaining reliable and admissible evidence from images and videos. Amped FIVE can also help with other types of cases, such as verifying the authenticity of images, detecting tampering or manipulation, comparing faces or objects, extracting audio streams, and more.

If you want to see more case examples or learn how to use Amped FIVE for your own cases, visit

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