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Where To Buy Tiger Paws

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I found the foam inserts to be too thick and too restrictive but the plastic inserts work great. My only complaint is that I had to buy a pair9I only needed one, and that they get dirty easily (i ordered the flesh tone colored paws) so unless you need the lighter color order the darker colors, you be glad you did!

Tiger PawsMy wrist has been hurting really bad. I could not even do a handstand or a push-up. I went to the doctor and the hospital to get an xray. I pulled a muscle. When I recieved the tiger paws I could not feel a single pain! I was able to do flip flops on my beam at home!

My husband is a police officer and teaches self defense classes and recommends this product. He bought one for me to carry while running. It's easy to hold and I think would be faster to use and more of a natural reaction than spraying my pepper spray (which I used to carry). I'm not trained to use a gun and I wouldn't feel comfortable running with one, so this seems like a good fit for me. Hopefully I never have to use it, but I will always run with it and have it in my purse for situations where I'd like to carry it.

The new Tiger Paw Touring A/S puts your mind at ease. A tiger protects its own, and we know you feel the same. So this new tire protects you and yours in any weather condition, with an optimized tread pattern and up to a 120,000-km warranty.

DALLAS -- Clemson fan Chris Fortenberry is digging through his wallet, looking for the right bill. He has been hanging on to it, and he's sure it's in there somewhere -- but then again, maybe he took it out for safekeeping and forgot.

The rest of the bills in his wallet are simply tradition. In fact, unlike most Clemson fans, Fortenberry's $2 bills aren't stamped with an orange tiger paw -- at least not yet. But he's here, at a bar in Dallas, ahead of Clemson's date with Notre Dame in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic with his wife, Ashley, and their friends, and they're all putting their share of $2 bills into circulation.

Since the 1970s, Clemson fans have been slipping these tiger-paw-stamped Jeffersons (that's the president on the front) into the hands of valets and bellhops, taxi drivers and bartenders all over the country as a way to let them know the Tigers are in town. The brainchild of George Bennett, an executive director of Clemson's IPTAY booster club, the $2 bills started as a publicity stunt to show cities and football teams that scheduling the Tigers was good for business.

Until 1973, Clemson and Georgia Tech games were always played in Atlanta. Back in those days, that was the closest the Tigers came to a bowl trip most years, and typically anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 Clemson fans would make the trip. But for reasons Bennett can't quite explain, Georgia Tech eventually decided to drop Clemson from its schedule, and that ruffled a few orange feathers.

"We had so much fun with it, we started taking them to bowl games and stamping them with tiger paws," Bennett said, "and everywhere we've gone since then, people look forward to us bringing the $2 bills."

The bank used to keep several tiger paw stamps on hand, too, allowing customers to stamp their bills. But two years ago, just before the national title game in Tampa, a customer came in demanding more $2 bills than the bank could spare. When Harley denied the request, the customer got even by stealing all the stamps.

The Tiger Claw Compact clamps are shorter and have a lower profile than the standard Tiger Claw clamps, for those applications where space is at a premium. They are very useful with jigs and fixtures, where there is no need for placement adjustment and has reduced clamp track (2mm). 781b155fdc


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