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Cancer is a metabolic disease

According to me cancer is a complex metabolic disease where dysfunctional mitochondria does not create energy in a efficient manner. If you want to read about it then go to Amazon book:Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer

by Dr. Thomas Seyfried. As I mentioned in my earlier blog that Dr. Otto Warburg and his description of the aerobic glycolysis metabolism of cancer in the article On the Origins of Cancer back in 1956

From the biochemistry we know that all cells must make energy to live.

The cell’s complete pathway for energy production includes 3 separate, yet connected pathways: glycolysis, the Krebs’s cycle, and the electron transport chain. Energy production begins with glucose, amino acids, and/or fats.

The glycolysis pathway uses glucose as its sole source for energy production. In contrast, the Krebs’s cycle and the electron transport chain, can use amino acids and/or fats, in addition to glucose, as additional sources for energy production.

Glycolysis should dominate in the presence of a low oxygen environment (anaerobic), instead of the oxygen-rich environment (aerobic). The oxygen-rich environment favors the more efficient energy pathway of oxidative phosphorylation (kreb’s cycle and the electron transport chain).

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