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Preteen Dark Pthc

Preteen Dark Pthc >>>>>

update (1/23/16): when news broke this week that the fbi had been running a confiscated dark web pedophile site in 2015, i noticed that their means differed only slightly from mine they planted malware (they refer to it as not-so-evil nit) on the users machine without their knowledge while my honeypot explained exactly what the software was going to do (scan their machine). still, i was a bit disappointed with the fbis results. the numbers they released seemed a bit bogusto me, especially given the web sites preexisting user base.

when i was finished watching my honeypot url ping sites, i went on a peak through the sites deepest contents. i was surprised to find that i had missed bunnis gaming. bunnis is a big hard-to-find site and it was sitting there right in front of me the whole time. i promptly spun up a darknet website in response to these revelations.

since the honeypot concept was introduced to the rest of the community, dark web sites have ranged from reasonably cooperative to completely antagonistic. some have even banned me from their sites. i have never encountered a malicious dark web honeypot and i imagine it is less than 5%. to date, no one has attempted to "hack" the honeypots to sniff the lists of users visiting the sites or to infect their computers with malware or spyware.

sites visited by identifiable visitors include darkmarket, the hidden wiki, wild west, the real deal, black market reloaded, and illegal market. in many cases the honeypot encouraged the users to contribute information which resulted in rich and extensive lists of user information. in some cases the honeypots were integrated with the dark market sites and allowed sellers to scan the buyers market for new prospective partners. 3d9ccd7d82


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