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Under Armour Guide Zip Off Pant

Thank you so much for putting this together . For high altitude , cold weather ,I purchased Moosejaw winterHiking pants which appear to be similar to powder pants , ext nylon with insulation with sippers down the side . Will this suffice or am I better off with fleece pants under regular hiking pants ?Thank you

Under Armour Guide Zip Off Pant

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Hi Mark,Ill be climbing Kilimanjaro in December and I am wavering between using my winter leggings (wear under my ski pants when I ski) and fleece pants which I have read are good for hanging around camp and also the summit day. Any thoughts on which will suffice (I tend to get cold easily) and if fleece pants, which ones you recommend? Thanks!

Hello,Climbing Kili with family beginning of January 2018. Question about bottom layers for summit (daytime summit, leaving 5am). I own a pair of insulated ski pants but they are really not comfortable enough for hiking, not enough give so to speak. Would a pair of smartwool long underwear (maybe even two), a pair of fleece pants and a pair of Columbia Storm Surge waterproof rain pants work? Thank you, and this is a great website!

Before this, I used to wear long underwear and the Marmot Precip full-zip pants on most hikes. The nice thing about that system is that you can vent the shell pants across a wide range of temperatures and exertion levels by opening or closing the zips. However, I was always too hot and tended to sweat. On top of that, I found it awkward to hike in shells that were unzipped all the time.

Both the tops and bottoms are substantial enough to be worn alone, though they do look more like long underwear (especially the leggings) than other options. If you want bottom layers that you can wear on their own as pants, try the Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layers, which we discuss in the Competition section.

Sitka has three versions of its GORE-TEX-based big game waterproof hunting pants: Dew Point, Thunderhead, and Stormfront. Because this is rain gear, Sitka also offers matching rain jackets for each of these pant options.

The Sitka Stormfront Pant has waterproof zippered hand pockets and snap cargo pockets with zippered security organization inside. Plus, Sitka uses full-length waterproof side zippers. You can zip the leg zippers down to dump heat or to access pockets on your pants underneath. Of course, the full-length zippers make it easy to put the Stormfront pants on and take them off out in the field without needing to remove your boots.

This leads us to its primary drawback; while perfect as a just-in-case pant that you may put on for an afternoon thunderstorm or a couple of times during a week-long backpacking trip, it simply isn't as durable or breathable for someone who anticipates a great deal of aerobic use.

A rain pant should keep its user dry in the rain, whether hiking, backpacking, watching a sporting event, or out walking the dog. As a result, this was the most heavily weighted category - at 30 percent. Manufacturers use many different waterproof fabrics and construction methods with different design characteristics and, thus, different performance levels depending on the application. While each manufacturer conducts a significant amount of testing to quantify exactly how waterproof each fabric is, it's important to understand that all of the pants in this review use waterproof fabric. How well they keep us dry is more a matter of design. 350c69d7ab


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