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Mahfuj Alom
Jun 11, 2022
In Cancer Research Forum
From the perspective of cost awareness, the author shares the relevant experience and methods of reducing the cost of platform , hoping to be useful to bulk sms service you. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic this year has caused varying degrees of losses to many companies. After the resumption of work, increasing income and reducing expenditure have become an inevitable choice for many companies. As product managers, we focus our attention on the cost of bulk sms service platform . Looking at the data in the background, the fee for the whole year last year was close to 3 million, with an average of more than 200,000 per month. Converted to the number of text messages, nearly 10 million text messages are sent every month. From the perspective of business model and business scale bulk sms service the current sending volume is obviously high. After a simple preliminary estimate, costs can be reduced by at least 40%. If you can save unnecessary fees, the small amount will add up, and the company will save 1 million operating costs every year. This is a lot of money for a private company. The reasons for the bulk sms service high cost of After carefully studying each sending scenario and the corresponding consumption, we can analyze two reasons for the high cost: unnecessary sending and lengthy text messages. Unnecessary sending As the name implies, it refers to the information that is not necessary to be sent by , or even the information that does not need to be bulk sms service sent at all, is also sent to the user through . is a cost-intensive and intrusive way of sending information to users. long as the user's mobile phone number is normal, the can be received regardless of whether the user has downloaded or logged in to the system. Therefore, text messages should be used sparingly bulk sms service for sending important information. the beginning of the year, when I counted the daily amount of text messages received by users, I found that a user received 1,110 text messages in one day.
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Mahfuj Alom

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