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Ahmed nayeem
Jul 31, 2022
In Cancer Research Forum
The development of crowdfunding in Taiwan is officially entering its tenth year. Shell Zoom Crowdfunding Consulting Company conducts statistics and analysis on the annual fundraising results every year. The amount of funds raised exceeded 3.3 billion yuan, and the number of sponsors exceeded 1.15 million, showing steady growth compared with previous years. Among the top ten projects with the highest sponsorship amount, eight of them are overseas agency products, both in terms industry email list of financial performance and number of listed cases, which are far better than "original products" and "issue initiative" projects, a more mature business model , which has greatly raised the overall entry threshold, which is a trend change that cannot be underestimated. However, while the crowdfunding market is booming, controversies have occasionally sparked negative reviews of consumer distrust. Through the establishment of the "WaBay" crowd-funding platform in April this year, Shell Zoom has promoted various mechanisms to promote the foundation of trust between proponents and sponsors, and continued to bring the beauty of crowd-funding into the lives of more people.
Shell Zoom 2021 Crowdfunding Statistical Report - Agency-based products continue to dominate the list, content media
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Ahmed nayeem

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