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Senate Democrats have made pay equity a plank of their 2014 campaign platform. Senate Republicans earlier this year blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, sponsored by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), which would have protected female employees against retaliation if they inquired about the salaries of male coworkers.

The McPherson Camp No. 1, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, will meet at 7 p.m. Dec. 27 at the Whole Hog Cafe. 1400 S.E. Walton Blvd. in Bentonville. The group will gather at 6 p.m. for an off-the-menu meal. The SUV is a patriotic, fraternal organization made up of male descendants of members of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or government officials who served between 1861-65.

This Order they will also have observed for a Female Child, by lying as aforesaid on the left side, and strongly fancying a Female in the time of Procreation, especially if the Woman drink the Decoction of Female Mercury, 4 days from the 1st day of Purgation; the Male Mercury (both Herbs so called) having the like Operation in case of a Male Child; for the Juice or Decoction of those Simples are of Force, the one to purge the Right, and the other the Left Side of the Womb, and thereby open the Receptacles, making way for the Seminary of Generation: And the best time to copulate for this Sex is, when the Moon is in the wane, and the sign in Libra or Aquarius, for then they will be of a most gentle, affable temper, very fair, and perfect in all their members. Avicenna, an Author of good repute, describes the time of Procreation thus: When (saith he) the Menses are spent, and the Womb is cleansed, which is commonly 5 days, or 7 at most, if a man lie with his wife from the first day she is purged to the fifth, she will conceive a Male; but from the fifth to the eight a Female, and from the eighth to the twelfth a Male again: But after that number of days, perhaps neither distinctly, but both in an Hermophradite.

The first is immediately after Coition, and is said to be perfected in the first Week, if no Efflux happen, which sometimes fall out through the slipperiness of the Matrix, or the Head thereof that shifts over like a Rose-bud, opening on a sudden, by reason of some cold Distemper, or over-weariness in Travel.

But Lastly, which time reacheth to the 28 or 30th day, the outward parts are seen exquisitely elabourted and distinguished by Joints, and then the Child begins to growPage 13and pant; from which progress of days, by reason the Limbs are divided, and the whole frame is perfect, it is no longer held an imperfect Child or Embrio, that is, a Concretion that springs forth, but is held to be a perfect and absolute Child. Males for the most part are perfect by the 30th day, but Females seldom, till the 42 or 45 day; and the reason why the one is sooner perfected than the other, is, That the heat of the Womb is greater in producing the Male than the Female: For heat extends the Humour like soft Wax, diffusing and dilating it, and then by its force, Contracting, Framing, and Fashoning it, so Heat and Vigour of the Body, and Alacrity of Nature in the Man, makes the Male to move in 3 Months but the Female rarely under 4, at which time also his Hair and Nails comes forth, and the Child begins to stir, kick and tumble in the Womb; so that the motion is plainly perceived, and the Woman are troubled with Nauseating and Loathing of their Meat, and oftentimes covet, and greedily long for things contrary to Nutriment; as Coals, Rubbish, Chalk, Lime, Starch, Oat-meal, raw Flesh and Fish, or the like, which Desire proceeds from a former contraction of evil Humours, occasioning impure Blood in their contained Vessel within, and often occasions Abortion and Miscarriages; somePage 14Women, as it has been noted by divers Authors of Credit, have been so extravagent in their Longings, that they have coveted Hob-Nails, Leather, Man's Flesh, Horse-Flesh, and the Flesh of divers Ravenous Beasts, for want of which they have cast their Birth untimely, or the Child has continued Dead in the Womb for many days, to the eminent hazard of the Woman's Life: But to proceed in this great Mystery, I shall unfold by what means the Infant is sustain'd in the Womb, and what posture it there remains in.

When the parts of the Embryo begin to be a little more perfect, and the Chorion becomes so thick, that the Liquor cannot soak through it, the Vmbilical Vessels begin to be formed, and to extend the side of the Amnios, which they pass through, and also through the Allantides and Chorion and are implanted in the Placenta, which gathering upon the Chorion, joyns into the Vterus. And now the Arteries that before sent out the nutritious juice into the Cavity of the Womb, open by the Orifices into the Placenta, where they deposite the said Juice, which is drunk up by the Vmbilical Vein, and conveyed by it first to the LiverPage 16of the Foetus, and then to the Heart, where its more thin and spirituous part is turned into Blood, whilst the grosser part of it descending by the Aorta, enters the Vmbilical Arteries, and is discharged into its Cavity by those Branches of them that run through the Amnios,

Nobody has it together all of the time. Sometimes my well-oiled machine breaks down completely and chicken feathers go flying and rabbits get eaten. But, when we choose very full lives with many plates in the air, sometimes a few will come crashing down. It happens to all of us. Nobody is perfect. But here are a few things I tell myself when I'm standing with a broken plate at my feet.

3. Get it "roughly right." When I realized how far I was from perfect, I came up with the concept (or perhaps excuse for my misgivings) that sometimes the goal has to be to get things "roughly right." So, it's 10 p.m., your child has a concert the next day at school, and you need to lay out his dress clothes. You're exhausted. Letting a plate hit the floor is sending your child to school in jeans on dress day. Being perfect is laying out the outfit, realizing the pants are wrinkled, getting out the iron and staying up until 11 p.m. putting creases in the pants. Getting it roughly right is laying the outfit out and telling yourself on the way to bed that the wrinkles will fall out after he wears them awhile. Or, you have a big presentation the following day and you have been too slammed to put together an amazing PowerPoint. Letting a plate hit the floor is showing up for your presentation with notecards and winging it. Being perfect is staying until midnight with your secretary putting clever video clips and graphics into a detailed PowerPoint. Getting it roughly right is putting together a basic PowerPoint, getting home for dinner, and asking your children for some hysterical jokes you can use in your presentation so that no one notices the absence of fancy graphics.

5. "If you hit the bull's eye every time, you've got the target too close." Recently, I took the senior leadership of our Baker Donelson Women's Initiative to Washington, D.C. for a two-day strategic planning retreat. The highlight was a personal tour of the Smithsonian American Art Museum by its director, Betsy Broun. She is nearing retirement after successfully leading one of the most celebrated museums in the world. Her accomplishment is remarkable regardless of her gender, but she did it in a male-dominated field. So I asked her how she dealt with failures along the way (i.e., plates hitting the floor). First, she was really honest about her failures. Then she quoted a great American woodworker and said, "If you hit the bull's eye every time, you've got the target too close." That broken plate around our feet is a sign that we aim big and are willing to take chances. That's a really good thing.

6. "Being passionate is more important than being perfect." I represent health care providers and I love it. I'm passionate about their businesses. When we develop our strategy for a case, I want my client to know that I care about their business and resolving our matter with a great outcome as much as they do. I want them to know that they can transfer the anxiety they have about the matter that landed them in my office to me because I am passionate about resolving it. When I add people to my team, I'm not looking for the person with the highest GPA or the best resume. I'm looking for the person with a fire in her belly who really cares about what she is doing. That holds true for most situations. My clients care a lot more about whether they have a passionate and practical legal team than if every citation in the brief is in the proper Blue Book form or if there was a split infinitive in a letter to opposing counsel. Children love parents cheering wildly on the sidelines at two games a week more than a parent there for all four games that week with a sour attitude (even though my children profess to want me to stop yelling at games, I know they like it). I am not perfect and I bet you're not either, but we can choose to spend our time on things about which we feel passionate. Nobody is perfect, so cut yourself some slack. 041b061a72


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