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Genius Of Khursheed (2 CDS)

Here is the genius photographer of all times, beautiful soul, serving advertising and showbiz both with command. Extraordinarily talented and popular, great Khurshid Masood. A tall, dark giant with a marshmallow heart.

Genius of Khursheed (2 CDS)


Many thanks to Jason Hom, MD for his PR strategizing genius; the delightful Licínia Iberri for her thoughts on website and app usability; Shanon Peter, MD for brainstorming icon ideas; the Stanford medicine residents who helped with beta testing; and Chris Coderre for his wizardry with the Android app.

For sitar legend Ravi Shankar, whose father was not close to the family at the time of his birth, the void was filled by two men who were as different as chalk and cheese but blessed the young Ravi with a never ending legacy of music and dance. His older brother Uday Shankar a genius of his times, and Baba Allauddin Khan a master musician in many instruments, found a treasure trove of talent in the young Ravi Shankar and filled him to the brim.

For Ustad Imrat Khan, whose father died when he was very young, older brother Ustad Vilayat Khan became the father figure. I learnt sitar from my brother Vilayat Khan sahib who was a musical genius and is rightly considered the greatest sitar player in the past century. I worked side by side with him for 40 years. I was 8 years younger and he treated me like his son. We practiced together and played together, and did extensive research on gandhar pancham that he became so famous for and together we worked and changed the entire setting of the sitar.

Chhote Ghulam Ali Khan was a fearless and adventrous singer brought up in Kasur, Punjab. He was born in 1910 at Kasur in a family of professional musicians. He studied music with Ustad Chhajju Khan (later his father-in-law) and Ustad Mian Buddhay Khan Beenkar (a disciple of the Delhi-based Qawwal Bacha clan) and other elders of what was then already being called the Kasur Gharana of singing. Chhotay Ghulam Ali began to sing on the radio-mike soon after its advent in the subcontinent. No music conference was complete without him in those years. And what a sensation he proved to be: a Kasuri lad roaming the whole of undivided India, conquering it wherever he went: Amritsar, Lahore, Delhi, Banares, Calcutta, Bombay. In singing competitions he defeated Ustad Amanat (nephew of Ustad Rajab Ali of Devas state), matched the legendary Ustad Amir Khan of Indore, and became the first and only vocalist from Punjab to take on the untamed Ustad Tawakkal Hussein, the man whose musical genius lives on in Pakistan in the hundreds of melodies composed by his great disciple, the music director Khawaja Khursheed Anwar. [read the rest of this very interesting article on Chhote Ghulam Ali Khan] 076b4e4f54


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