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Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar Hai Song Free 38 [REPACK]

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Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar Hai Song Free 38 [REPACK]

Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar Hai: A Popular Krishna Bhajan by Chitra Vichitra Ji

Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar Hai is a devotional song dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is often depicted wearing a black or dark blue cloak. The song praises Krishna as the beloved friend and lover of the devotees, who can fulfill all their desires and protect them from all troubles. The song is sung by Chitra Vichitra Ji, a renowned spiritual singer and preacher from India.

The song has been released in various albums and videos by different music labels, such as Ambey Bhakti, Bankey Bihari Music, and Madhur Ras. The song has gained popularity among Krishna devotees across the world, especially during the festival of Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of Krishna. The song has also been used in many Instagram reels and YouTube videos by fans and followers of Chitra Vichitra Ji.

The song has a duration of about 9 minutes and 30 seconds, and consists of several verses that describe the beauty, grace, and power of Krishna. The song also expresses the longing and devotion of the singer for Krishna, who is the only source of happiness and peace in his life. The song has a melodious tune and a soothing voice that can touch the hearts of the listeners.

Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar Hai is a free song that can be downloaded from various websites and platforms, such as Gaana, Hungama, Wynk, YouTube, and Apple Music. The song can also be streamed online or offline on these platforms. The song is a must-listen for anyone who loves Krishna and wants to experience his divine presence in their lives.

Chitra Vichitra Ji Maharaj is not just a singer, but also a preacher and a scholar of Bhakti literature. He is well-versed in the scriptures and the stories of the saints and devotees of Lord Krishna. He often delivers discourses on Shri Bhaktamal Katha, which is a collection of biographies of 252 great devotees of Lord Krishna from different times and places. He also explains the meaning and significance of various aspects of Bhakti, such as love, surrender, service, and devotion.

Chitra Vichitra Ji Maharaj was born in Modinagar, a city in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India. He belongs to a pious and devout family that followed the path of Bhakti since his childhood. He was initiated into the sannyas order by his guru, Shri Rasika Pagal Ji Maharaj, who gave him the name Chitra Vichitra along with his brother. His brother is also a singer and a preacher who accompanies him in his Bhajan Sandhya and Bhaktamal Katha programs.

Chitra Vichitra Ji Maharaj has traveled across India and abroad to spread the message of love and devotion for Lord Krishna. He has performed in various temples, ashrams, festivals, and events where he has enchanted the audiences with his melodious and captivating voice. He has also released many albums and videos of his songs that are available on various platforms such as YouTube, Gaana, Hungama, Wynk, and Apple Music. His songs have millions of views and likes from his fans and followers. 061ffe29dd


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