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Night School

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Now jobless, Teddy learns from his best friend Marvin that he could theoretically get a job at his financial investment firm, but only if he has a GED. Teddy goes to his old high school, intending to charm the new principal into giving him the relevant qualification only to discover the principal is Stewart, whom Teddy bullied when he was at school. Fortunately, Teddy can enroll in night school that semester, taught by the unorthodox Carrie, but finds himself still frustrated by his old concentration issues. At the same time, he tells Lisa he already has the job working for Marvin, while secretly working at a local fast food restaurant to give himself some income.

As the class struggles to cope, Teddy convinces them to help steal the test answers. When Carrie realizes what happened, he is expelled after taking the blame. He returns to make a genuine appeal to Carrie that he wants to do better. He is allowed back if he gets tested for learning disabilities. They do determine that he suffers from dyslexia, dyscalculia, and various processing issues. She is able to devise new systems to help him cope and he soon settles into night school while genuinely befriending his classmates.

As the last class is on prom night, Teddy suggests they attend too. He is confronted by Lisa who Stewart brought to the school that night under the pretense of corporate sponsorship to improve the school. Hurt that Teddy was lying to her, Lisa breaks up with him, prompting Teddy to give up on night school and the GED.

At graduation, Teddy makes a speech for the night school students about how they all prove that second chances are possible, witnessed by Lisa. Afterwards, Teddy apologizes to her for lying, re-introducing himself. He asks her out, and she agrees to support him financially while he seeks work.

The Pearl, in collaboration with Traci Des Jardins brings you School Night, a weeknight bar. Hand-crafted pisco, agave and whiskey cocktails by Enrique Sanchez and Latin-inspired bites from our wood burning oven.

Night School is for students who are currently enrolled at their home high school campuses but need to take additional classes to either catch up with--or get ahead on--their required credits. Night School operates on a rotating enrollment throughout the school year. Students can enroll on any day of the school year and start classes the following Monday.

As I am sure you know, the City School District of Albany was recently devastated by the news that the state will be withholding at least 20% of funding for school districts due to the economic impact of COVID-19. For our school district, that will mean a loss of $20 million or more from our budget for the 2020-21 school year. Night School is one of many, many district programs affected.

The district serves about 9,000 students in 16 schools: 12 elementary schools, three middle schools and Albany High School, a comprehensive high school with a career and technical education center. The district also offers additional innovative academic opportunities for students in support of our vision, mission and goals.

Allison gets a message from Scott to meet him at the high school. Allison arrives with Jackson and Lydia in tow. Lydia watches as Jackson, who has been snappish with her throughout the night, shares a moment of care with Allison, urging her to be careful as she walks into the building by herself.

Jackson notices the damage to Stiles' Jeep and decides to take a closer look. Lydia insists that she is not staying in the car by herself and follows. They decide to enter the school to find Allison but once inside Lydia decides she has to pee and heads off to the restroom. While Lydia is away, Jackson sees a shadowy figure at the end of the hall. He thinks it's Scott but then sees The Alpha.

In another part of the school, Scott hears Allison's cell phone and uses Stiles' phone to call her. They find each other in the lobby, find out the text luring her there was not sent by Scott and are q


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