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737 Pilot In Command Evolution 2D Panel Upgrade (FS2004)

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in a recent army news service article brig. gen. patricia frost, arcyber's deputy commanding general for operations, used the example of a unit on patrol to illustrate how cema synchronization supports operations. the patrol has intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities that can see itself and the environment it's operating in, she explained, but added that there's also a logical environment operating alongside that patrol that is feeding the enemy position, navigation, timing, targeting information, that fits in the cyberspace domain. commanders are central to cema operations, the general said, and in her opinion brigade commanders need to be able to better see that battlespace.

the pilot, launched early last year, is helping the army define every facet of cyber operations at the tactical level. under the cscb program, cyber experts have partnered with maneuver units to develop, test and make recommendations to army leadership about everything from how units will be manned, trained and equipped for cyber, to perfecting tactics and techniques, to developing plans, policies and doctrine.

all the pilot has to do is sit back and let the 737's computer do the work. the pilot just needs to double-check the settings and make sure that everything is ok. the crew will know that they're in control of the flight, even if it's just a look-see.

if your have chosen in fs optionsmetric (altimeter in feet) units (options - parameters - international then metric (altimeter in feet)), the a320 pic autopilot altitude will be in feet. if you change the option to metric (altimeter in meters), the displayed figures on the a320 pic autopilot will not change, but they will mean meters. usually feet are more convenient, as the atc will be talking in feet. 3d9ccd7d82

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