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I Griffin 18x13

I Griffin 18x13 --->

I Griffin 18x13

Create your own griffin friend using this sewing pattern. It will help you create your very own highly detailed stuffed griffin, just ready for adventure!This pattern is a digital download and is in .PDF format.

Included:Your .PDF download will include the griffin pattern itself, printing instructions, suggested cutting layouts, 2 pages of sewing tips, and a step by step written tutorial along with accompanying full color photographs to help you complete your project. The pattern includes both a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the exact sewing lines.

This is the first serious plushie I make in 5 years and I'll be real, the difficulty level of this scared me. But it was so cute I had to try... and I am so happy I did! The pattern is full of good tips for how to get your seams straight, and it is always clear what you need to do next. I will say that the fabric estimates are generous, and there is no estimate for how much stuffing you need, but better that way than the other way. All in all I am so happy I got this pattern, my red little emotional support griffin turned out great, and my friends are now interested in making their own ^^ 59ce067264


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