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Kickass Torrent Proxy Sites To Download Dozakh In Search Of Heaven Full Movie In Hindi

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven: A Movie Worth Watching

Do you love movies that explore the themes of religion, tolerance, and friendship? If yes, then you should not miss Dozakh In Search Of Heaven, a Hindi-Urdu film that was released in 2015. This movie is based on a book by the same name written by Zaigham Imam, who also directed and co-produced the film. It tells the story of a Muslim cleric and his son, who face challenges and conflicts in their small town near Varanasi due to their religious differences with their Hindu neighbors. The movie has received critical acclaim and several awards at various film festivals across the world. In this article, we will tell you more about this movie and how you can download it for free using kickass torrent proxy sites.

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What is Dozakh In Search Of Heaven about?

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven is a drama film that deals with the issues of communal harmony, religious tolerance, and human values. It revolves around the lives of Maulvi Sahab, a Muslim cleric who runs a madrasa (Islamic school) in a small town near Varanasi, and his son Janu, who is curious and adventurous. Janu befriends Panditji, a Hindu priest who lives next door, and visits his temple regularly. He also participates in the annual Ramleela play, where he plays the role of Hanuman, a Hindu deity. This angers Maulvi Sahab, who scolds and punishes his son for violating his faith. He tries to teach him the difference between Islam and Hinduism, and warns him that he may be cursed to hell if he continues this way. However, Janu does not listen to his father and runs away from home. Maulvi Sahab then realizes that he loves his son more than anything else and sets out to find him. Will he be able to reunite with his son? Will he be able to overcome his prejudice and accept his son's choices? Will he be able to live peacefully with his Hindu neighbors? These are some of the questions that the movie answers in a touching and realistic way.

The plot of the movie

The movie begins with a clash between Maulvi Sahab and Panditji over their morning prayers. Panditji plays loud music from his temple speakers, which disturbs Maulvi Sahab's azan (call to prayer) from his mosque speakers. Maulvi Sahab complains to Panditji, who refuses to lower his volume. They get into an argument, which turns into a physical fight. Panditji's followers join him and beat up Maulvi Sahab badly. He is taken to the hospital by an auto-driver, who is also his friend.

Meanwhile, Janu sneaks out of his madrasa and goes to Panditji's temple. He is fascinated by the idols, rituals, and stories of Hinduism. He also likes Panditji, who treats him kindly and tells him stories from Ramayana. Janu decides to join the Ramleela play, where he gets the role of Hanuman. He practices hard and enjoys himself.

Maulvi Sahab returns from the hospital and finds out that Janu has gone missing. He searches for him everywhere but cannot find him. He gets worried and angry at the same time. He suspects that Panditji has kidnapped his son or converted him to Hinduism b70169992d


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