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[S2E5] Non Sequitur

Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie are leaning over the railing when the power goes out then turns back on again. Cristina is hunched over and exhales sharply. Meredith says, "You know how long a surgical scar takes to heal. You must be in pain. You should take something." Cristina says, "Drugs are for babies." Meredith rolls her eyes and Izzie says, "I hate Alex." Cristina says, "And the non sequitur award goes to [trails off]." Izzie apologies but she hates Alex. Meredith tells them she broke up with Derek. Cristina says that Burke wants a relationship. Izzie says, "Boys are stupid", and walks down the hall. Meredith walks away along the railing and Cristina says, "Yep."

[S2E5] Non Sequitur

Michael Ontkean makes for a wonderful comedic straight man. In addition to serving as a perfect foil to Maclachlan, here he has one of the best reactions in the series, the smile and nod to Andy's non-sequitur, "I'm a whole damn town!"Worth checking out, in light of this episode especially, is The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, by Jennifer Lynch (director of Boxing Helena and David Lynch's daughter). The book was released during the hiatus between season 1 and season 2, and contained many hints regarding the upcoming second season, and clues to the identity of Laura's murderer. Harold was featured prominently in the book, and the skinny dipping story was told there as well, from Laura's perspective.

Also raggedy: This episode's non sequitur revelation of Tom's big secret. Wayne and Roland interrogate his old boss, and find out that some of Tom's co-workers "saw him going into a queer club." "Repressed Homosexuality" is a potentially fruitful plot point, especially given the period setting. Wayne gets more suspicious of Tom, declaring that "Devil's Den was a homo cruising spot," promising to "talk to somebody in Vice about the Queer Underground." Investigating the Queer Underground would definitely improve this season's music! And you can kinda believe, unfortunately, that a smart policeman circa 1990 would wrongfully equate homosexuality with all-purpose murderous deviancy. 041b061a72


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