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#Directory restriction – the same directory should always be called. It means a file cannot be uploaded to the website’s servers. These websites also block other file formats to prevent file uploads. This restriction is imposed on every website. You can’t upload a video file to myvideostream’s server if you don’t specify a folder, though you can still upload to google drive.

#Platform restriction – this is the most common kind of restriction. It generally refers to operating systems. Some websites again offer a different free trial period or try to charge for everything (example, just to view, not download).

For our purpose, we need to download videos from myvideostream. We don’t need to resize them and download the audio only. Also, we don’t want to restrict our downloading features. So, here are some helpful tips:

iBackup is a free application that can be downloaded easily from the app store. Once you download the application, open it and accept the terms of use. Now, open the application menu, click File and open ‘BackUp’. Select the files that you wish to download to your computer. d2c66b5586


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