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Fritz Emonts Erstes Klavierspiel Pdf Download [EXCLUSIVE]

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Fritz Emonts Erstes Klavierspiel Pdf Download [EXCLUSIVE]

Fritz Emonts: Erstes Klavierspiel - A Piano Course for Beginners

Fritz Emonts (1920-2003) was a German pianist, composer and pedagogue who wrote several piano methods for children and adults. One of his most popular works is Erstes Klavierspiel (First Piano Playing), a two-volume course for beginners that introduces the basic elements of piano technique and musical expression in a progressive and systematic way.

Erstes Klavierspiel consists of short pieces, exercises and studies that cover various aspects of piano playing, such as intervals, chords, scales, rhythm, articulation, dynamics, pedaling and musical styles. The pieces are selected from the classical repertoire as well as from Emonts' own compositions and arrangements. The course also includes some duets for teacher and student or two students to play together.

The first volume of Erstes Klavierspiel is suitable for children who have no prior musical knowledge or experience. It starts with simple five-finger patterns in both hands and gradually expands the range of notes and keys. The second volume builds on the skills acquired in the first one and introduces more advanced topics such as triads, chromaticism, minor keys and modulation.

Erstes Klavierspiel is a comprehensive and enjoyable piano course that aims to develop musicality, creativity and confidence in young pianists. It is published by Schott Music and available in print or digital format. You can download a PDF preview of the first volume here and the second volume here.

Erstes Klavierspiel has received positive feedback from many piano teachers and students who have used it as a learning resource. Some of the advantages of this course are:

It is easy to follow and understand, with clear instructions and explanations in German.

It offers a balanced and varied selection of pieces that appeal to different tastes and preferences.

It provides a solid foundation for further musical development and exploration.

It encourages creativity and expression through improvisation, composition and interpretation exercises.

Some of the challenges or limitations of this course are:

It is mainly written in German, which may be difficult for non-German speakers to access or translate.

It does not include any audio or video recordings or accompaniments that could enhance the learning experience.

It may not cover some aspects of piano playing that are important for contemporary music, such as jazz, pop or rock styles.

Overall, Erstes Klavierspiel is a well-designed and effective piano course that can help beginners achieve their musical goals and enjoy playing the piano. It is suitable for children aged 6 and above, as well as for adults who want to start or resume their piano studies. You can find more customer reviews of this course on, and ec8f644aee


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