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The Ultimate Guide to Uninstalling Deep Freeze from Your PC or Mac

Try this: First have another unit to install Deep Freeze and do not put any password.Then, boot thaw that unit. Copy the file at the root, c:\ "Persi0.*" (something like this). Paste it to the root of the drive that you want to unfreeze, voilà! That machine will be unfreezed. You can now uninstall Deep Freeze after booting.

undeep freeze 7 21

Try To Run Deepfreeze Installer again, it should then say you need to uninstall your current deepfreeze, proceed to uninstallation. A computer restart would be prompted afterwards which you should do.

Have you resolved the issue. Same thing happened to me. Talked to Faronics and they sent me a Deep Freeze driver to replace the original in order to boot, then uninstall deep freeze and reinstall. Let me know if you still need help. I can email you the file and steps.

I think the mistake we did why we have this problem in the first place is that we had the thawed setting for 1 reboot and did not anticipate that windows update will do a reboot after its configuration when it rebooted after the update. This entails 2 reboots instead of 1 which we set in deep freeze. I imagine this is as common error among deep freeze users so there must be a solution out there...

SO the question is, have you worked with Mac's and deepfreeze? What do I need to know? Are they managed in the same console? Does the Mac console have to be installed on a Mac OS? licensing? How do you manage software updates on Macs with only an hour downtime where you can thaw and update? Would it even be worth trying to get them hooked to the domain? Anti-Virus???

For licensing we currently have deepfreeze enterprise, but I am seeing that deepfreeze mac looks like a completely different program, so we will need to purchase more than seats for our enterprise license?

A: We recommend a least a couple hours set aside for what we call a "Maintenance Period", when you can thaw your machines, push out updates and patches and freeze them again. If you only have one hour, I personally would not even bother thawing those babies. I suggest you talk to our sales engineers to work out the best solution for your specific environment and needs.

It is important to be able to unfreeze your computer if you have lost you password, Anti Deep Freeze provides this capability. While Deep Freeze 7 is a useful program, it can sometimes put users in a strange predicament. Anti Deep Freeze provides a solution to that problem, see below for instructions on downloading, installing and using it.

Unlike previous versions, the new version of Faronics Deep Freeze 7 is fully compatible with windows 7. DeepFreeze is the best software to freeze a system and prevent changing its setting. But problems are often encountered when users forget the passwords for a copy of DeepFreeze that is installed on their computers.

I have tested this software on DeepFreeze 7 standart and it works. Please use this software to solve your problem with deepfreeze program. Source the software info: (Thanks to unkromochip has reminded me to mentioned the link).


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