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425000 YouTube Views

I would have been wrong in that assessment. It turns out lots of people like to watch that. Several surveys have shown that YouTube is one of the most-used platforms for podcast consumption right behind Apple and Spotify, and there are now dozens of podcasts that regularly rack up millions of video views.

425000 YouTube Views

The trend started with YouTubers, of course. Many already had the cameras and mics, and so they built makeshift podcast recording studios where they chatted with their fellow video creators. Shows like the H3 Podcast and Impaulsive not only amassed millions of subscribers on their main YouTube channels, but they also launched spinoff channels that aggregated short segments from their longer shows. The H3 Podcast \u201Chighlights\u201D channel, for instance, has over 800 million views. The Impaulsive \u201Cclips\u201D channel has 650 million.

Traditional podcasters were slow to adopt this trend, mostly because there wasn\u2019t a good way to record video for remote interviews. Zoom calls had poor sound quality and the video often didn\u2019t match up perfectly to the audio. But over the last year, tools like Zencastr and Squadcast have rolled out their own video tools that record natively to each participant\u2019s machine, thereby ensuring that the video isn\u2019t subjected to internet latency. Sure, you have to spend extra time editing the two separate files together, but the improvement to sound and video quality are well worth it.

I recently started recording video versions of my podcast interviews, and this week I posted the first one to YouTube. It probably added about two hours to my workload, but I saw a significant increase in YouTube views as a result (before I was just uploading an audio file with a static image of my podcast logo). I\u2019m not someone who\u2019s adept at video editing, but the beauty of video podcasts is that they don\u2019t require high production values.

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